Why Does My Cobra Pose Cause Back Pain?

In this blog post, Why Does My Cobra Pose Cause Back Pain? If so, you are not alone! Many people struggle with back pain after doing the cobra pose.

Understanding why the cobra pose causes back pain is essential for preventing and managing it. This blog post will examine why your cobra pose might be causing your back pain.

The Alignment of Your Spine

When you attempt a Cobra Pose, the alignment of your spine is of utmost importance. Proper alignment will help to ensure that your cobra pose does not cause back pain. To achieve this, focus on elongating the lower back and keeping your shoulder blades down and away from your ears.

This helps to minimize the amount of stress placed on your spine, which can cause pain if done improperly. When executing the Cobra Pose, keep your head in line with your spine and imagine that your spine is a straight line from tailbone to crown.

If your cobra pose is causing back pain, it’s likely due to misalignment or too much pressure being applied to your spine.

The Mobility of Your Hips

When doing the Cobra Pose, you must ensure that your hips have enough mobility to help prevent back pain. When the hips cannot move freely, the lower back can become strained and tight, leading to pain.

You can practice a hip opener, such as a pigeon pose, to ensure that your hips have enough mobility for this pose. This pose helps open up the hips and lengthen the muscles in the hip area, allowing for a more comfortable and pain-free Cobra Pose.

Additionally, you can use props such as blocks or blankets to support your hips and help open them up further. If your hips are already flexible, there should be no issues with performing the Cobra Pose.

However, if they are not, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to increase your hip mobility to prevent any discomfort or injury caused by the Cobra Pose.

The Strength of Your Core

A strong core is essential for any yoga pose and especially important for the Cobra Pose. This pose can cause back pain if your heart is not strong enough to support the weight of your body as you move into the carriage.

Strengthening your core will help to prevent any potential. In this blog post, Why Does My Cobra Pose Cause Back Pain? If so, you are not alone! Many people struggle with back pain after doing the cobra pose that causes back pain.

To do this, focus on engaging your abdominal muscles and keeping them tight throughout the pose. This will help keep your spine aligned and reduce any discomfort caused by improper positioning.

Keep your glutes engaged and your legs active to distribute the weight across your body evenly. These tips can help ensure that your Cobra Pose does not cause back pain.

The Length of Your Arms

In my article, Why Does My Cobra Pose Cause Back Pain? I will show you the importance of the length of your arms when practicing the Cobra Pose. The Cobra Pose can positively affect your back health and alignment when done correctly.

However, if the length of your arms does not match the size of your spine, your cobra pose can cause back pain. This is because your arms act as a lever that puts pressure on your spine if your arms are too short or too long about your spine.

While doing the Cobra Pose, your spine won’t adequately support your upper body’s weight. As a result, your lower back muscles can become strained from overuse, resulting in soreness and discomfort.

Additionally, suppose your hips do not remain flat on the floor during the Cobra Pose. In that case, your abdominal muscles may become overstretched, increasing stress on your lower back muscles. Furthermore, incorrect breathing techniques during the Cobra Pose can strain the lower back muscles more.

To ensure that you do not put unnecessary strain on your lower back muscles during the Cobra Pose, it’s essential to ensure that your arms are an appropriate length relative to your spine, keep your hips flat on the floor and use proper breathing techniques.

Doing so will help reduce discomfort and help you get the most out of your Cobra Pose practice!


The Cobra Pose is a great way to build strength and flexibility in the spine, hips, and core muscles. However, it can also cause back pain if not practiced with proper alignment, mobility, strength, and arm length.

If your Cobra Pose is causing you back pain, it’s essential to review your alignment, mobility, strength, and arm length and make adjustments as necessary to avoid further discomfort. With the proper form and posture, you should be able to practice the Cobra Pose without feeling any pain.


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